Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hawaii Here I come

So i'm really excited! I am blessed and my life just keeps getting better and better! I am on my way to Hawaii for a week. Along for the ride. This is my first time and I will get to complete one of my life time goals to go to the Hawaii Temple (thus ensuring that I would actually make it there!). We are going on Monday and flying first class (the points were the same for first and coach, so obvioulsy we chose the better choice) this is a lot of firsts for me! It's going to be a great week! Hopefully just as relaxing, if not more than Mexico. See ya in a week!

A Few fun things I've done lately

Mini golf, rock climb, work at the cannery (I now have a lot of canned goods!) cleaning the Lehi Rodeo grounds before the Rodeo, take fun pictures and go to the Carnival activity. I have looked at my life lately and wow! I am so blessed. I have a lot of fun. Always a good time and have so many blessings I can't even count them! Life is good!

Colbie Caillat and John Mayer Concert

Pretty much a good time had by all! This is Erin's favorite singer in the world. She has a picture of him in her room literally like 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It's pretty crazy! We had a great time and sang a lot. It was amazing to me that the voice I've always heard and loved since I heard of John Mayer was right there infront of me. It was awesome.

So Monday pretty much rocked. We went to the Colbie Caillat and John Mayer concert. It was seriously great! I loved every second of it! I sang and cried to her amazing songs and then was amazed at John's energy.

Yummy food I've eaten lately

So I have been a little creative in my time off! The first one is a yummy egg creation with cheese, avacado, tomatoes, green onion and parsley. It was good.

The next one is a salad we had for Bryce's Bday. We made him dinner. I was in charge of the salad. It was a healthy green leaf salad with an array of fruits, namely strawberries, raspberries, red grapes and peaches. Topped off with candied almonds and a raspberry vinegarette. It was supurb. (I am watching the great debaters and I think my language has been enhanced, due to the way they speak in the movie. It's fun!)

Okay so this is the yummiest chinese food I have ever ever eaten. It is called walnut shrimp. It is giant breaded shrimp, with the most heavenly sweet sauce on top, surrounded by perfectly steamed brocolli and topped off with some really yummy walnuts. It seriously is one of the best things I've ever eaten.

I have had some really yummy things in the last little bit, not to mention my fun eating experience at sweet tomatoes. I won a year at sweet tomatoes off the radio. So I have been taking my friends. Today I went with my mom. It has been fun. I have to slow it down, because too much too fast is not good! So here's to sweet tomatoes and good food. This is me and Liz. She was the first person I brought with me to Sweet Tomatoes. She is also my amazing swimming boss! So many good times had with her!

Swimming this summer

I have spent my summer break teaching swimming. It has been a blast. I love the kids I teach and I love to be in the water. I was thinking the other day how lucky I am to be able to work outside all day long and the scenery is so beautiful. This pool I teach at is like a scene from a movie with a back drop of trees and the most gorgeous sky. What a great job! This little girl is a two year old amazing little spirit. She is one of the most amazing kids I've ever met. She can swim the length of the pool and could save herself is she needed to! She makes me laugh every time I teach her. It has been a great summer! Life seriously just keeps getting better.

This is one of the families I taught this year. They were so cute and loved their lessons. They left happy little swimmers! It was great!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The kids AKA our little dogs

Little Digger getting a bath. Gotta love him! We Have had great times together! But through it all gotta take a bath.

Fourth of July

Let the good times begin. We camped out at the park and had a great time. The fireworks were great!

Horse Riding with Ky

So I have some really short legs and so I couldn't reach the stirrups. So i just held on to the reins and squoze the horse with my legs. Well, not a good idea, because i asked the horse to go a little bit fast and he took off and there i was almost ready to get slammed into the fence flying across the arena and i'm pulling on the reins and yelling "Wooo" and yet at the same time i'm squeezing the heck out him with my legs telling him to go and stop. It was scary and I thought I might die a couple of times. It was really fun all at the same time! When we got off Roany, he just nudged me with his nose. He is so great! I am going to go back and feed him carrots this week and hopefully ride. It was great fun! So that was our fun trip. Me, Erin and Jolley. He actually did really good. He rode the crazy horse that almost bucked me off the first time. I was really impressed with how he handled it and didn't fall off. I would have fallen right off if he had been going that fast with me on him.

So in my new ward we have so many cowboys and cowgirls. There is this really nice on in my ward named Ky. She is a sweet heart. We told her of our desire to ride and there she was willing as ever. This is cool picture i took of her. I am going to blow it up for her. It's of her and her horse she rides barrels with. She is going on her mission to Korea this month so i need to get this to her so she can bring a small one with her on her mission.

Visiting the neighboring Cows

Some Sundays it's important to take walks. So that's just what we do. There are a lot of cows around us and Erin and I have desires to ride those cows. Note to self: When there is a bull in the pin...not a good idea. So this is just a brief moment to capture some of the good times. Notice the "No Trespassing" Sign...what were we thinking? and on a Sunday...but no harm done. just hope the people who own the property don't see this...don't tell on me. It will be our little secret Shhhh....

Where do I begin?

The ride to and from jackson hole...I have learned that car trips are really important in getting to really know people! All their great and annoying qualities! Unfortunately everyone got a taste of mine!!!

It has been quite some time since I have updated my blog. I have done a lot of things including going to California, Sea World where Tyler my sister in law's nephew got to be the one to help in the Shamu show. I practically cried the entire time. We ate some popcorn out of the "trash" it was fun! Then off to Disneyland we went for 3 days! That was a blast. I met everyone from Minnie Mouse to Chip and Dale to all the characters in Pooh and Hook. Then we had lunch at Ariel's Grotta and met all the princesses including Bell, Ariel and Cinderella. We rode all the rides possible and had the time of our lives. Space mountain is officially my all time favorite ride for amazing reasons! It is exhilerating and awe inspiring as I raced through the night sky filled with stars it made me wonder about life and the heavens and how small we really are! Then off we went to Universal Studios. That was a blast as well. We went on the tour and rode the Simpson's ride (very creative) and also the new Shrek 4-D ride. It was really fun! My favorite was the Jurassic Park ride and the Mummy...not what you expect at all! Sadly enough I don't have any pictures at this time, because one of the saddest things happened to cannon camera got stolen in about 3 min. I left it foolishly on a bench at the beach (we had a great time there, it just turned into a hard night...a learning experience for me) and when i returned 3 min later it was poof, gone just like that. So there went all my sea world pictures. I had a great picture with one of the trainers. It was really sad. I had a good cry and realized that maybe I shouldn't put so much stock in my electronics...but then after my phone got wet on a great water ride (it was worth it! the memories are worth it) i realized, painfully enough that I value my electronics way too much. So i decided that i was going to enjoy my electronics, but not value them so much that i fall apart if i lose one or one breaks. that has taught me a lot. A painful and expensive, i might add, process. But i have learned it! and i value my stuff a lot, but know that it is essentially just that...stuff...but because of that stuff i can post the pictures i do have of other cool events like our trip to Jackson Hole and horse back riding and fourth of July! So ready set go!