Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trendy ehh...

Popularity! It was really funny, not only did we all join in with the dwight glasses, three of us at the same table had the same phone.

I'm not really sure where these came from, but Amber started wearing them and then everyone thought it was the cool thing to do. So here we all are...die hard Dwight fans of the 37th ward.

Amy's Bday in St. George

Then we went to the movie, "He's just not that into you", went home sang happy bday to Amy and had spa night. We did facials, satin hands and feet. It was great, relaxing weekend.

Off to dinner we went cause we were HUNGRY. My first time at Iggy's. Poor waiter had to split the bill like 10 ways! Bless his heart! His name was Cody. I distinctly remember because I yelled, "We love our waiter Cory. He rocks!" And then he came back and said, "My manager said to tone it down a bit and it's Cody, not Cory!" My bad!

Amy got her certificate of achievement for jumping out of an airplane voluntarily!

We had a little too much fun with the fashionable eyewear and head pieces!

There's the plane! Up, up and away!

We had a blast! We went to St. George to celebrate amy's bday! She decided to go sky diving for her 27th birthday and inspired me to go for my 29th! The conditions will be warm and hopefully more clear than they were for her. We lucked out with the break in the rain and clouds for her bday! It was a blast to see her get all ready and psyched to go! So off she went!

We all packed into the tiny airplane! It was a little bit touch and go for a while! Erin was freaking out that even the pilot had to wear a parachute! And she wants to go sky diving in August for our birthdays!!! She's so funny!

Before we went to take Amy sky diving, we had a few photo ops because check out the beautiful day and the back groud! We stayed at a beautiful place where they filmed HS musical 2!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

3D how fun! my students are going to love these glasses tomorrow!

I am proud to say that the Steelers won! they played well and made some really great plays! it was a ton of fun to watch! I yelled a lot and I'm sure my dad is in heaven happy as a lark! He always wanted to Steelers to win and I feel like today was one of those days that he seriously was happy!!!

I had a first today. We ate crocodile! Bu-Tars made us marinated crocodile! Is that crazy or what? Well, it was a first for me and was great! I liked it a lot more than I thought I would...you know me and weird meats. Anything other than, beef, pig, chicken is just hard for me to psychologically digest if you know what I mean!!! So here's to first times and the Steelers winning and having time to finish the ward directory! Glad that it's done and over with! Just need to print it and wha-la it's done!

What a great day! Hope yours was equally fun, spiritual and productive!