Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday in San Clemente

So we went to church and how ironic that I met 2 people I already knew! One of my EFY kids and Lindsay my sister in law's cousin. Crazy stuff! Such a small world! Then we went sight seeing and found some really great "Beach" houses.

San Clemente: First glimpses of childhood memories

We pulled up and went to the pier! It's so crazy cause this is the beach I went to as a kid. It was surreal to actually drive myself there and be the adult and not a kid! It is really pretty still and in fact a lot of cool updated stuff like the checkers game on the pier. Jen and I ended up playing a game on these enormous mats that were a checker board, walked the pier and drove by Sonny's Pizza where we used to go as kids. This is so unreal!

Jen won our checkers game by a land slide....sometimes I don't want to play with her cause she wins every game we ever play! She is just a winner! We found this huge checker board and pieces! Cool huh! this is long before I got brutally wooped on by Jen.

Thomas the fisherman came and sat down by us. He was really nice and looked like a real fisherman. I had said I wanted to take a picture with him and there he was asking to sit down with us! funny huh! send it out to the universe and it is yours!

The pretty pier and water

One of the many gas stations we stopped at. This one had a cool car!