Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mediation Point

This is where I spent the majority of my time! I went walking one morning and found it just sitting there with all these cabanas and the gorgeous ocean, waves, a sea turtle popping his head out of the water every now and then and cute crabs scurrying about...this was for sure my meditation point. I miss it a lot right now! It was an unreal paradise! So beautiful it was seriously unreal.

A day at Pahuna Beach

So this was my very first experience swimming with in the real live ocean, with real live things such as sea turtles eating off the reef. It was seriously one of the coolest things of my entire life. There were also really pretty fish swimming all around. It was amazing and almost unreal. There is surely a whole new world under there!

Working on evening out my tan!

My favorite is to be by water and have a great book! So I walked back and forth with the waves at my feet reading. It was great to be there and just relax.
Beautiful sunsets!

Ladies night out

Really cool place. We went to one of Corinne's favorite places, Roy's. It was a ton of fun! We, once again celebrated Corinne's birthday.

Some other intersting things we ate!

The Grand Wayalay (check spelling) Hilton

This is the hot tub at the spa. We had a spa day with the girls! It was a great time. I really enjoyed being pampered and just hanging out relaxing.

Under that waterfall is where I swam with the sea turtles. It was great. They were all calm and just kept swimming and eating, acting like there was no one swimming right next to them! It was incredible. Nothing like I've ever done before.

These are a few of the pictures from the hotel. It was a great hotel...so big that you had to ride a monorail around. The above picture is what you see when you walk out of our hotel building...amazing huh? I know!

Hawaii was one of the best foods I've ever eaten.

So much good food! The following are pictures of a bunch of the food and places we ate. Our second night there we went to this amazing restaurant and it was Corinne's bday and they actually put her name on the menu! We had this amazing 15 course meal! It was seriously the best food I've ever had. Then we went back there on our last night we were there for my birthday! They had my name on the menu! It was really great and fun!
This is a picture of the chef at another restaurant we went to. He was out cutting fresh herbs to cook with. It was an all natural restaurant. It had the most amazing tomatoes I've ever eaten, ever!

Cute little lizard. He just chilled on the tree for ever.

The kitchen in action. It was so great!

This was completely raw soup. It was really good!