Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is a really cool thing that I was told about by a friend of mine. All I did was put in my blog address and it randomly made it from the words on my blog. Pretty cool! if you want to do one, just go to www.­wordle.­net

Wordle: life

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

spring break 2010 the california adventure

So spring break consisted of many wonderful things including :
• magic mountain
• me throwing up after the second ride (I'm not as resiliant as I used to be!)
• reading a lot (but still not finishing my book(s))
• Erin and Kevin fakely getting engaged (see pic)
• All of us wearing blue to magic mountain without meaning to
• Kevin and Cooper wearing red without meaning to, but a lot of great photo ops on that one!
• a lot of eating
o cheese cake factory, denny's, Norm's (Bu-Tar's request), Mc Donalds, Burger king, sizzler
• kryssi almost getting bit by a seal
• a crazy lady letting her kids play right by the wild seal
• taking a picture with the seal (he looks like he totally knew he was posing!)
• arguing
• seeing dolphins (completed the whole trip!)
• losing Kryssi twice
• laughing in the water
• hitting my head on the bottom of the ocean as a huge wave took me down with it
• boogie boarding (apparently known as sponging)
• sleeping in!
• burying Kevin and Cooper in the sand
• eating chocolate muffins and lots of candy
• giving away brownies
• reading (did i mention that already?!)
• digging free cups out of the basura
• annoying Michael by taking a lot of pictures (some really cool ones I might add)
• laughing at Cooper and Kevin's childish ways
• going to Hollywood
• Rodeo drive baby! (pretty woman hotel)
• Almost getting bit by a pelican (I heard that Kryssi did…guess she didn’t learn with the seal!)
• Laughing
• Driving
• Sleeping
• Reading
• Swimming
• Hot tubing
• Electricity going out on the morning we left
• Drinking too much soda and caffeine
• Eating way too much
• Playing hang man on my phone with But-ars on the way home
• Getting gas
• Figuring out where we were…thank goodness for Iphones and GPS
• Going to Target to get lemonade
• Swimming
• Erin only getting burnt on one side of her body!
• Kryssi getting way burnt everywhere.
• Me not getting burnt at all
• Cooper’s face matching his red shirt
• Michael hoping I was wrong…but not to worry I was right once!
• Shopping at the Farmer’s market
• Getting parking validation
• Paying parking garage fees
• Switching cars
• Going up and down the elevator
• Watching Shrek 2 and 3
• Paying for movies we didn’t watch in our room
• Drinking really expensive water in the room
• Bringing a lot of stuff to the beach and leaving half of it there
• Getting talked to by the lifeguard 3 times
• Watching the seal get hauled away…sad
• Taking more pictures
• Getting water showered on me while fully clothed (thanks Kevin)
• Saying “hi, how are you?” to a man walking with a walker by the beach and him saying “Hey thanks for talking to me.” I wanted to go back and give him a hug. I totally should of.
Overall it was a great trip!