Saturday, January 31, 2009

2nd quarter field trip

We went to the capital and then to the planetarium it was a ton of fun! These are the people in charge...kind of scary huh! Oh, but so much fun! You have to be crazy to hang out with Jr. High students!

They were selling these Air Zookas and guess who is on the box? My brother!! isn't that funny! He did a photo shoot for a company like 10 yrs ago and sold them the rights, they still use the pictures...isn't that crazy. you walk into a store, see a weird air blowing product and your brother's picture is on it!! Crazy huh!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PE time

so this year i teach PE and it has been a blast! Here's a few previews! i've learned how to shoot a bow much better than i learned in junior high and this is me trying to movtivate

the children to run the tires in boot camp!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lights at Temple Square

There's our little glow worm! I just wanted to squeeze her until her head lit up! Not safe or an option said her daddy!

Christmas Day

I had to dress the kids in my clothes cause that's all I had for them. It was totally funny, cause well, they're really small and little compared to me. They had a good time in the snow. It was so deep! It was awesome!

Christmas day was fun! One of the best Christmases I've had in a long time! After our night of coughing and sleeplessness, we woke up and Mommy and Daddy came back from their date night and we had breakfast! Then we unwrapped presents and of course guitar hero! That was fun! It was a day of cooking, playing, playing in the snow and then dinner at Mike and Shaunae's. It ended with all of us kids doing dishes together! We haven't all been together since John's funeral. It was a lot of fun to be together. We know we are all brothers and sistes. That is for sure! We tend to end up fighting like that! Amazing how it doesn't magically wear off when you get older!!! It should, but doesn't! Guess it's in the blood!
Anyway, it was a great Christmas!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Eve

The age catogories!

Our blessed pizza from Little Ceasar's, last one of the night!

Coloring contest.

Miss Tamee, Katherine and me at the hospital...what a day to be in the hospital.

What a busy day! So it started out with us going to the mall to meet Liz for just one more "Bath and Body" run (new year's resolution #13 no going to bath and body for like a year! Well, at least 6 months!). Then I went to visit my friend Katherine who had a hip surgery. Tamee and I went to visit her. Then I went to the school and tried to deliver the rest of the toys for tots gifts, but ran out of time, so i loaded my car up with them and met Melissa and Mark at my house to take the kids. I told them that since they never get to go on dates I would take the kids Christmas Eve so they could go on a date and spend the night at mom's and then just come to my house (since I had a tree) for Christmas morning and breakfast. So I loaded the kids in the car and we searched all around Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs for the houses to deliver gifts to. We got stuck in the snow, prayed our way out of that, thank goodness for heaven! The kids kept saying can we just go home? I said, "If these kids don't get their gifts, then you don't get yours. Do you really want to go home?" The answer was a resounding, "No." So after finding all of the houses except one, we were on our way to Little Ceaser's, request of the children! We got there at 7:59pm and they close at 8, but due to it being Christmas Eve they were already to go, well, I saw people in there and I knocked and begged. They gave me their last cheese pizza and i added breadsticks on and they were kind enough to put those in as a Christmas bonus! So while i got the pizzas ready, we had a coloring contest, 4 age categories, Matthew's idea: ages 3, 5, 7 and 28. Needless to say we all won our age category! The prize were the toppings of our gingerbread houses! What a fun aunt!!! So we made gingerbread creations...they weren't necessarily houses, although mine had a garage and a wood pile out back! That was fun! We ended up going to sleep to a movie and then another movie and then...a lot of coughing and crying and more coughing...and wow, what a night...I'm glad I'm not a mom yet! But we made it through and onward to Christmas day! At least Mark and Melissa had a good night at the Cheesecake factory!! I'm jealous, but happy they could enjoy the night without kids! They deserve a break.

When in Utah Kneader's is a must

So Melissa and her family love Kneader's so we went there like 3 times while they were here. Then we went and did last min. Christmas Shopping. I spent the night at Grandma's with Melissa and her family on the way home early in the frozen morning I saw these most beautiful sights so even though I was running behind like usual, I stopped to take a few pictures!

Mom's wedding December 19, 2008

I don't have very many pictures, cause everyone else was taking pictures so why add another camera to the mix? But for those who are freaking out at me, because i haven't updated in so long (sister anderson!) this is what i have! Brother and sister jackson! serving another mission. This time on Temple Square. they are amazing!
The ring moment. They were having trouble getting it on! You know how that goes!

The cake! my friend Kevin made the cake! He'll make mine too! (Whenever that blessed day arrives...keep praying)

All the girls after mom was married.

All the girls the night before she was married. This was her sudo bachelorette party a quick run to Target to get last minute stuff!