Monday, November 10, 2008

Ready for Rain and Rent

So Kelsey and I have the same coat (well almost the same). It's funny, cause last year I totally made fun of her coat cause i thought it was so crazy and noisy and just too much and then it kinda grew on me and I saw one on sale and got it and now we're twins!

St. George Halloween Weekend

So we went on a get a way over halloween so we didn't have to answer the door to little kids and not have any candy to give them. That happened and all I had were some pastacio that's what i gave me crazy! They didn't seem to mind. Their parents probably did! But that's one of the many reasons we went and had a great weekend in sunny St. George. It seriously was a blast. As you can tell from the pictures and the pictures don't even begin to describe. It

We stayed in a mansion on the golf course where they filmed HSM 2. There was a hot tub and a pool, we ended throwing each other in at 3am. after playing hours and hours of Mafia.

Erin said that this was my car, because it had my license plate "Costco" because she always says I'm a 70 year old in a 28 year old body since i like bargains, coupons and shopping at costco!!!

The crack and our scrumtous BLT meal as a family together! It was a great time! I wish I knew how to put videos on this thing, cause I have some fun ones of us getting thrown in the if you read this and want to clue me in on how easy it is, just let me know.

St. George and the crack

Jake looking hot as usaul.

Erin always taking care of business...our room was double booked I guess.

Les and I in the rain made hot tub.

Jimmy found a nice little tunnel bed.

The beginning of the was already a tight squeeze so i didn't chance the rest of the way. Amanda got a hole in her shirt...guess that was a good choice for me to stay out.