Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I may be in love with Ryan Innes!

I went to a concert two weeks ago and am in love with this new music, this voice and possibly this guy. He seems way down to Earth, sincere and heartfelt.  I'm loving listening to his music. Give it a listen and you'll see why he melts my butta! (see song list below!)  After the show, I went up and gave him a hug and my and my rommate Erin's number and took my picture with him.

http://youtu.be/6-ebSthKUVM  (I'm Gonna Make the Music)
http://youtu.be/6cBNcy4KoAQ (My Kinda Crazy)
http://youtu.be/HIVWk9F1ixE (Something Natural)   My favorite one!!!
http://youtu.be/maa3n_Ny2wM (Silent Night)
http://youtu.be/StBm_ZXr_Iw (Hold On)
http://youtu.be/PWv7sfINgaw (The Butta Song)

So I emailed him and asked him if he would sing a song to my class for Valentine's Day. He respectfully replied back and said that he didn't have time in his schedule. I was grading papers later that day and wrote him an email that is below.  Then my friend Bryce thought it would be funny to write back as if he were Ryan and answer me! I've had some pretty good laughs over it!  What are you gonna do in life, if you don't live it!  He'll probably never call, but a girl's gotta HOPE for good things to come!

http://youtu.be/8nczw6xHJ0I ( Jeffrey R. Holland "Good Things to Come")

The email I wrote him:


I don't know if you remember who I am (I'm not a crazy
person, well, I can be, ask my students!) but I'm the girl that wrote you a
note and gave you my number at the concert on Saturday. I was just sitting here grading papers
tonight and your music was on. I was thinking, "Wow, how is he not married
with a voice like that? It's almost
unfair that his music makes you fall in love so easily." So I was just wondering how it is to be so
amazing and have so many girls want to make love to that voice and let those
lyrics sink in so deep, without having anyone as your media naranja. (other
half). Enjoy your Valentine's Day. And honestly, I hope you do have someone to
share it with, because a guy like you should be making someone happy every day
and should be having someone do the same for him. Happy Valentine's Day!

A fan who could be in love,


PS when I said you could sing my class a song, I was
thinking over the phone, but if not, that's okay! I'll just listen to you
online (not staulkerish or anything, just loving listening to you "make
the music").

The sudo response from my friend Bryce! Happy reading! I hope you get a good laugh.

My Dearest Becca (dare I say Becca Innes),
I am so flattered by your email of February 14. This must be fate. When I saw you in the crowd on Saturday night it was as if time stood still. I saw my future in your eyes. In fact I am writing a song about it right now, wishing you were by my side on a quiet Valentine's evening. It is called "Becca's Eyes". When you gave me your phone number I was too nervous to call (after all, the best guys are always the most shy). When I was just getting up the courage to call you I received your email. It was everything I could have hoped for...until the end, when you misspelled the word stalker. When I read that, I lost that loving feeling. I'm sorry but I don't think it will work out. I just can't see myself with someone who makes such gross spelling errors. I hope and pray that you will learn how to spell so that we can be together forever. I will remain faithfully single until that happens.

With love,