Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is me...what you see is what you get.

Everything I need to know about mtn biking I learned from this attractive guy.

Bless the inhabitants of this picture...nuff said.

Fun times with Kelsey Bug

Kelsey and I always have fun together no matter what we do...eating, watching movies, talking for hours on the phone or in person. We have fun.

Yee Haw

Good times had by all at the Lehi Round up this year...two of my best friends..Kara Lee and Justin. He's just moore.

The woman who inspired it all.

This is my mission companion hermana orullian...she inspires me to always do good and to be better...she is beautiful and we have fun together no matter what we's all smiles.

Me and Hna Orullian. We have good times. I love you hna...forever and for always.

Summer fun at 7 Peaks

Kati and I at Seven Peaks getting the party started at the Directpointe party...good times. No wedgies please.

God's wondrous creations

I have always wanted to publish a photo of mine. It is one of my life
time goals. Here is one of the coolest pictures i have taken
with a macro lens.
Can you guess what it is? It's the inside of a tulip with water drops dripping out of it. Very cool and beautiful.

Let'er rip!

Water is my best friend. You can do pretty much anything and it rocks. Weightlessness is such an amazing experience.

Magestic Skies

Cows...oh the things we could learn from them.

So I have always loved cows. I was looking at the cows eating, chilling peacefully in the field yesterday and was wondering why I love them so much. I think they can teach us just how to chill and enjoy life. They are completely content in their lives...(granted their brain isn't used quite as thoroughly as is ours, but we have a long way to go from 3% as well.) They just stand or lay (depending on their preference at the moment) in the sun all day and what is so bad about that? They aren't competetive at all, they just are happy with what they've got, even if it's a place in the mud. Now I have to admire that positive attitude.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Use your talents wisely and you might find a JOB!! Go inventive New Yorkers!

Me in New York...I loved New York oh what fun! Lots of City!

Becca's life

Hi, well, i'm really new at this whole blog thing, but I have always wanted to create one. I have this most amazing mission companion who did one and i asked her how to do it and she pretty much just directed me to the website and here i am typing information that i have no idea where it will go. Pretty exciting huh! Well, I am currently reading a book called, "The message" by Lance Richardson. It is probably one of the most incredible books I have ever read in my life and has changed my perspective of life immensly and also of other human beings and the trials they go through. It has been a good growing opportunity for me...i have needed this time to read it.

Okay, so since i teach spanish during the year, that means that i have summers off and i teach swimming. I am going to add some of my pictures of summer, cause well, unlike my mission companion who loves pictures, but hates to scrapbook, i love pictures and i love to scrapbook, although, this is like virtual scrapbooking...i love it. So exciting...anyway, i'm reading a few other books right now. I think when i finish the four pages i have left in this book, i am actually going to embark on an adventure that most people have already done and I am going to start reading the Harry Potters. Yep, i have book one (thanks to my nephew being so kind to loan it to me) and i'm going to jump on the band wagon, which is not something i usually do, but think i'm going to do it today. So wish me luck and we'll see if it was worth it. Okay, so we'll see how that works.

i am going to add some of the pictures I took in flaming gorge. it was a great trip, my first time and i did one of my goals of learning to water here it goes.