Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday, April 18,2009

Saturday, April 18,2009
• Woke up to a cool wooden Yacht outside our window. Slept in late.
• 10:24 am Breakfast on the beach.
• Met yespina, Maria, Sophia again at breakfast. It’s so funny, I look just like these amazing women! They totally inspired me to swim in the freezing water yesterday! It’s so funny, they look just like me. I can’t believe how Greek I really am, the nose, the body type etc. It has been so cool! I feel like I love myself more, because these people are who I am! There is no apologizing for not fitting in the “American norm” we are who we are. I work out and do the best I can, but am still what and who I am. These ladies swim every day. They were the ones that inspired me to swim in the freezing cold water, I think it helped my sun burn. They are so nice. I love Greek people. They are strong, they have attitudes, but are still nice! I get where I get my attitude and abruptness now!
• 10:41am Corrine arranged the table for her beach breakfast picture. She’s quite the, what’s the word, photo architect. I think that fits perfectly.
• 10:44am Corrine flicks huge spider off her arm.
• 11:21am learned the word “acala” it means “ok”. Language is amazing! It really is something you can get if you just listen to it long enough. We came a week ago and didn’t know a thing, and just picked up the language little by little!
• 1pmish Swam in the sea again.
• Saw French couple swimming
• Read a lot
• Swam out to the yatch.
• 3:30pm ate lunch, so good Greek Salad, Stuffed tomatoes, bait fish. I’ve never actually eaten fish that had their heads still attached, but surprisingly it was all so good!!! worth every penny.
• 5pm walked the beach collecting rocks. I have great ideas for these rocks for decorations.
• 6pm reading, trying to finish “the Wednesday letters.”
• Last ones on the beach again. It was such a beautiful day.
• 8pm ate the lamb soup. Told the girl not to tell me what was in it until after I ate it. Come to find out it wasn’t even the lamb, but all the extra parts, cause they roast the lamb tomorrow all day. so it was all the intestines. Oh man that is such a sick thing to think about, but I happily ate it not knowing what was in it. I actually did like it, it’s just the psychological block of what really was in it!
• 8:56pm pack our luggage cause we’re leaving at 6am tomorrow. Have to be at the port by 6:30am. The ferry leaves at 6:55
• Walked to the city for the candle lighting ceremony. Easter Passover. Got in Greek Orthodox church, find place to stand. There were so many people there that it wasn’t even funny. The whole city was there. So cool that one candle lit the entire place, just by us passing the flame.
• 12 am the real Orthodox Easter happened.
• 12:05am camera batter died…but I got to film a little bit of the ceremony.
• 12:15am The whole thing was over in 15 min. I loved the priest’s hat. It was so pretty. All gold and sparkly!
• Everyone was eating the soup. It was tradition. Well apparently everyone already had reservations at the restaurants so we couldn’t get in. Corrine and I couldn’t communicate really with the people to figure out what to do. I was starving, so I decided to “clean” someone’s table off that was done eating! I walked by the empty table and took the bread! It was so funny. Corrine thought I was crazy! Then I walked back again and got their red eggs! They dye all the eggs red for Easter to symbolize Christ’s blood. Well, this couple didn’t eat their eggs or their bread. It was going to get thrown away anyway, so I thought I would just help myself to it! I did and felt a bit like a street rat, but it was fun! Then I found some discarded candles and took those too! sometimes I feel like I would do okay living on the streets! I’m not above eating already touched food. I know that sounds funny, but you gotta do what you gotta do, especially on Easter in a foreign country, where the only “edible” thing is not the soup, cause I wasn’t going to eat that again, but the bread that was leftover and the eggs worked out perfectly for me and I had jam left over from breakfast so that worked out perfectly!
• 1am Corrine and I had a contest to see whose candle could stay lit the longest. She won!
• 1:30 am go to bed…soo tired!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Saturday, April 18,2009

We went to the candle lighting ceremony. There were so many different kinds of candles. The kids all had their special candles with everything from Barbie to Sponge Bob. It was so cool that all the candles in the place were all lit by one candle from the Priest.

These ladies were so nice! Don't they look so Greek! They gave me apples to get the taste of the soup out of my mouth, cause I just couldn't handle it!

Pictures on the last day at the beach! And just when we thought we had missed the people riding donkeys a guy came riding buy! Perfect Greek man and his Greek donkey! I love it I love it I love it!

Look at the cool bridge and island under it!

One of my favorite thing to do at the beach! Reading!
Lunch: Stuffed tomatoes to die for, Greek Salad, bread at 2 Euros a pop and bait fish. It was so good! I loved it!

Don't we look like we could all be sisters! These are my Greek sisters Sofia and Maria! I was so amazed when I saw them swimming, I thought "Wow, I look just like them! And they are crazy and will swim in freezing cold water too! They were so nice. They are from the Island of Crede! That's where I'm going next time I go to Greece! We are so Greek!

Breakfast on the beach again! Gotta love it! I felt like I was on my honeymoon, just lacking the other half of my luna de miel, media naranja if you get what I mean! Hopefully it will be something as quaint and such a romantic setting as this was...amazing!

The Yatch I swam out to late that day!

This is what we woke up to in the morning on Saturday! A cool yatch. I swam out to it later.

Pictures of Friday's events

Tons of pictures from Friday!!! What a great day!

Fresh squeezed Orange Juice, fresh fruits, eggs, bread, bacon. It was great, breakfast on the beach!

Friday, April 18,2009

Friday, April 18,2009
· 5am wake up
· 6am Breakfast-hurried up to eat, stuffed crossiants, lunch meats, tomatoes, cucumbers, thank goodness for zip lock bags. What a great invention.
· 6:30am rode in taxi with a nice taxi driver who knew all the short cuts 15 Euros.
· 9:41 am on the calm sea, got kicked off the back deck. Apparently I didn’t see the sign that says, “Being in open compartments during travel is prohibited.” Oops, but I got lots of pictures of the port at Poros. Beautiful city. I can’t get over the way all the houses are stacked on each other. It is so beautiful.
· 9:46am Pulled into Hydra’s port. So wonderful, cobblestone roads and donkeys! There are no cars on the whole island or motorcycles. The only way to get around is by donkey, water taxi or your feet!!!
· 10:47am took water taxi to our four season hotel. Wow! Take pictures at hotel. Get ready to go to the beach. Breakfast on the beach.
· 4:06pm Been laying out at the beach all day. A bit burnt, wishing I had brought ALOE, but still loving it!
· 5:45pm Come up get showered, ready to go to town.
· 6:14pm leave for the 35 min walk to the city.
· 6:31pm Heard one of my favorite songs, “Since you been gone” while walking on the trail.
· 7:15-7:45pm walked along trail. We took like a million pictures.
· 8:12pm go in Greek Orthodox
· 9:13pm walking to epitaph and this cute grandma lady was walking down the stairs. She was really old and could hardly make it down the stairs, I took her arm and walked her down the stairs. She was so cute!
· 9:20pm Epitaph going into the water. Memory card ran out.
· 10:43pm Gave Corrine foot massage.