Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spirit Week

Spirit week was a blast...twin day Proper and Soper! Then it was dress like your favorite character...I chose Mr. G...biggest yankees Fan I know...I even went as far as bringing in a 2 Liter of his favorite Dr. Pepper, Chips and Hostess Snack cakes! It was a good day!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Funny Spanish video

I'm a spanish teacher and this is so perfect...i have actually made a whole lesson unit off of this video..it inspired me to have an assignment where my students make their own videos...it is awesome..so take a look at it..olay

http://www.runawaybox.com Learn how to romance a girl with one semester of Spanish put to a romantic love song.

hopefully this works..if not, go to yahoo videos and type in Spanish and it's the first one called, One semester of Spanish Spanish love song. (don't look at the other videos they're pretty trashy)...k have fun!

Good friends, good times!

I hadn't seen Nicole for a long time, like 10 years and she saw me in Rumbi's and totally recognized me...so cool! i used to have a crush on her brother since like 5th grade! And so here we are ten years later...the girl that was shorter than me, now towers me. And then there's Katie's little baby girl Emily. It just amazes me how people grow up and change and wow!!! I'm a lucky girl.

Cookie Night

We have quite the array of cookies here tonight..I made this really cool sunset one with a black tree on it and then Bishop came up and got a little crazy with the frosting. Aaron made these really creative cookies...no, no, the ones on the left, not the bottom...for being an artist, you would think he would do a better job...go figure, he's an interesting kid!

And so the frosting war continues...we wrestled and he got it all over me, but as you can tell...

I got him pretty good too! That was quite gross, but lots of fun! Bishop is nuts, but we love him!

Halloween fun times...lasted like 3 days! Lotsa partying going on.

Kevin got Lucky and got a kiss on his cheek from me, which he undoubtedly announced durning Elder's Quorum the next Sunday!
Good times had by all...I was the hippest old lady ever. Kara and me...she was Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray...she even had her trusty can of Hairspray with her at all times!

Can you believe what fun teachers we have at my school? WE ROCK! I can't believe kids don't think school is the funnest place on Earth...practically Disneyland on Halloween! Keep posted for updates of Spirit week which is coming up pretty quick here.

Miss Tamee and I.. We just know how to party and so do my tootsie roll and I! We have good times, always. So I'm not really sure what I was for, but I had fun being whatever it was I was!