Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who's gonna win?

Well, I did win a t-shirt two weeks ago on KBull 93 that says, "I voted for David Archuleta" and has his picture. After tonight's performance and Simon's comments...i think it's in the bag. I mean look at that humble face. He was so innocent and cute with those eyes that really do shine and down to the last day where he was still taking the critiques with full purpose of heart..what a cutie. I hope he wins! But as for David Cook, the last 3 shows I've been really impressed with him. I didn't like his collective soul song he sang. It ruined it for me, cause I love that song, but really...they are both so talented...they've both won it! But I will proudly wear my "I voted for David Archuleta" T-shirt to school on Thursday!!!