Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween 09

Witches' night was so much fun! Really just a great, fun, total women's night out bonding time!

It was a great halloween! I swear I've never dressed up so much. It was spirit week at school so I dressed up different every day. I was a yankees fan, an old lady, a retro 70's person, an orange troll, a dead snowboarder and a witch!!! It was so much fun!

A little freezer burn. I was a dead snowboarder on the actual halloween! In the rest of these pictures we are just doing rock band and making carmel apples! That was fun! I enjoy making stuff I am realizing over and over again. There really is something so fulfilling about creating something with your own hands!

Sister Gillman made these awesome cookies! They were so cute and good!

This year was crazy. I swear I wore more wigs this week than my whole life put together and painted my hair bright orange and dressed up crazy and pretty much just had a blast! I made this really yummy rice dinner thing in one of my very own harvested pumpkins. It actually gave me hope that I could have kids, because when I was taking out the seeds from the pumpkin I was almost crying, because I was proud that I had grown this beautiful pumpkin. I had worked hard and watered and planted and weeded and loved, (I seriously loved my pumpkins! Everytime a new one would start growing, I was like a proud parent hence the analogy) and here were the seeds. I baked them and they were so good. and the pumpkin was beautiful and it tasted so good! Oh the joy that can be found in the simple things in life!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The final crop of the year!

18 pumpkins! the final freeze killed everything, but the joy!

So it was my first year having a garden. Such a wonderful thing to do! Really I had such a blast! I loved it so much. If you feel like you want to do something that is fulfilling, plant a garden. It is hard and time consuming, but the fruits of your labor are worth it! And I ate so healthy all summer. It was a life changing experience.

Life recently...

So as can be seen in my lack of blog entries a lot has happened in my life in the last couple of months that I haven't been updating my blog, but it's on facebook kind of. Pictures are my life! I'm a visual so I capture life in my pictures. Nothing really big has happened, except just in case anyone didn't realize the time did change! One extra hour of sleep! That means to bed early so I can get up early when my body is already set to get up at 5:30, it will really be 4:30 so I get to go back to bed for 45 min cause I'm faking myself out that I got to sleep in, but I really am only waking up 15 min earlier than i have been! K enough rambling here's some pictures! This is the cornmaze at cornbellies! We had a blast!