Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

What a day! I am exhausted. It is 10:49pm and we are just getting ready for bed.  Today was very full. I can’t believe that it’s only just one day. Okay here’s the highlights:

1    Word of the day “le chien” dog
2-Phrase of the day: Combien coute (coot)- how much does it cost?
3-Verb to focus on: Voulir-to want

  • 1.    Je veux
  • 2.    Tu veux
  • 3.    Il/elle veut
  • 4.    Nous voulons
  • 5.    Vous voulez
  • 6.    Elles/ils voulent?
4.    New words
a.    Le fleuve-river
b.    Riviere-river
c.     Nous sommes sur le tren-we are in the train
d.    Ce soir-good night
e.    Gratuite-free
f.      Malade-sick
g.    Du plomb- lead/bullet
h.    La tête- the head
i.      Reviewed the following verbs:
                                               i.     Être-to be
                                             ii.     Aller-to go
                                            iii.     Faire-to make/to do
                                            iv.     Avoir-to have
5.    We went to 3 places.
a.    Château de chenanceaux
b.    Leonardo da Vinci’s museum
c.     Château de something
6.    Went on a bike ride to the second  chateaus, Jaque’s bike got a flat. It was quite the adventure. She had to end up riding on my bike on the back!
7.    Wew I road back th e whole was hard. I am so tired rig
8.    Doorhandles
a.    Lucky number 7 going up the correct walkway
b.    Getting yelled at by a French woman first for not buying all the postcards I picked out
c.     Then for not riding my bike on the correct side of the road!!
  Davinci: Pretty dang cool inventions! I had no idea he invented so many things.
a.    Cog wheel
b.    Shoes to walk on water
c.     Protected army vehicle, you could be in and shoot but not get shot
d.    Life preserver
e.    Just tons of stuff
f.      Flying contraption etc
1 Bike ride
a.    Jaque’s chain fell off
b.    Jaque’s tire popped
c.     She rode on the back of my bike for about a half mile! It was actually really fun!
d.    I took pictures of cows and a cow crossing sign.
e.    We went to the castle and then I rode back separately.  I was sooo tired!
11. Eating spaghetti with pesto and gelato in the shape of a flower!!! So pretty and yummy!  Cake and caramello flavors.
12. Getting back for the train that doesn’t even run today at 8:21. Hurried back to the train station, but the train at 8:21 doesn’t even run on Sunday!  So we sat and played “photo booth” before my battery ran out!
13. Ice on my back, butt and knee for the pain!
14. Night

We were board at the train station with 1 hour still to go so  we played photobooth with mon camera!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday, Mat 24, 2013 Fun in France doesn't even begin to summarize my first days!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013
My favorite parts of my day began with arriving in France and seeing the sign! Oh my word! It was so cool! It was like reality hit me. I was actually here! I couldn’t stop smiling, even though that’s something my “French of Foe” book taught me not to do!!!  Then when I got the stamp in my passport, the smile came back full strength and I saw my stamps from Spain and the Bahamas and I realized just how blessed I am and how many places I have been able to visit!  And so began our trip to France.

We arrived at the hotel after dragging our bags from the train to the metro. I took the deepest, weirdest, most drugged nap ever. I thought I wouldn’t be able to function afterward. Technically for my body, it was like 4 in the morning when we finally go to the hotel, but really like 12pm here.

We were on our way at 3:30 to go see Paris, as the other group showed up.  My professor pointed to a man in the corner. I looked and saw a man peeing in the metro station.  Craziest thing I saw today.  Apparently, it is common sometimes, sadly enough.  Maybe Paris should get some more bathrooms! 

One of my most favorite parts of the day was playing peek-a-boo with the cutest little black baby on the metro. He was crying, so I tried to distract him by playing peek-a-boo. It worked!  He was soooo cute. I totally wanted to take a picture of him, but I didn’t want to get yelled at by his mom!

Well, it was raining pretty hard when we got off the metro, and we were by a kiosk that sold umbrellas, so I bought one.  What I didn’t realize is that right behind us was the Eiffel tower!  After I opened my umbrella, I turned the corner and behold, it was the coolest sight ever; the Eiffel tower was there in all its 1,038 feet glory! It was the coolest sight ever! 

We then went on a boat tour and I talked to the guy who was one of the captains! He was so nice. He spoke to me in slow French and taught me how to say the water level is high.  Le nivo du’eau c’est  (I can’t remember how to spell this) ou (the water level is high)

Then Jaque and I got lost from our group while we were buying post cards!!! I knew they had to be somewhere, but they literally disappeared.  When we went across the street, I saw my professor’s bright pink coat!!! I’m so grateful for that.  They were just on their way up the Eiffel tower! So we got in line (life changing day I might add) and went up to the very top of the Eiffel tower! That is sooo many feet up in the air.  It was an experience I will never ever forget. You could see everything from the Arch de Triumph to the cathedrals Louie XIII had built.

We were up there in the freezing rain and wind, but it was so cool.  We finally made our way down 2 hours later and met out teacher.  It was sooo cool, because in 10 min the lights would begin to twinkle.  I had no idea they did that! And it was a full moon! The light was amazing on the Eiffel tower!  It just doesn’t get any better than that! 

Then we barely made it to this dessert place called Ladurée.  Way expensive, but way yummy!  And home we went! It was a great first day in France. I can’t believe I’m going to be here for another month! What blessings!

Tons of pictures below to sum it all up!

My nice Arabic/Egyptian/Muslim seat partner! He was so nice. I shared the plan of Salvation with him and my other seat partner pictured above, Steven. It was all divine intervention, even though I was mad that I had a middle seat. I still got a lot of good sleep! Blessings are always there!!

All of our luggage on the train!

Here is my first france happiness!!

Seriously, dreams come true!!!

My first and second French crepe. Jacque and I split 2. We got a chicken and cheese one for dinner and then a nutella and cake one for dessert to share!!! So yummy!

Captain on the boat! He was way nice!

We also went to see the Arch de Triumph! So cool!

I'm not gonna lie, when I saw this couple kissing, and I realized I was in France, it was like it was out of a romantic movie!! I was happy for them and loved it!!!

A couple taking pictures on their wedding  day in front of the Eiffel Tower!